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Saturday, August 21st, 2010
5:02 pm
Apartment Recommendations?
Looking for apt recommendations in the QC.

Illinois side is preferred.

Must accept medium-sized dogs! <3 But go ahead and list away even if you don't know of their pet policy. I've got a pretty good idea as to who does and doesn't accept them and when in doubt I can always call and ask.

Any suggestions? I've tried looking on-line for reviews, but of course there's barely any/they're old/all negative because most people who review have something bad to say.

SO & I are both commuting to work atm (varying shifts/days - so no carpool for us!) and an apartment through the workweek sounds better than spending $800 in gas/month + driving!
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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
7:32 am
Muddy Water Tattoo Convention


Tattoo contests, piercing contests, artists from all over the country, and lots more!

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
2:08 am
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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
9:05 pm
For anyone who wants to see some pictures of the flooding around here:


Yes, it's the Iowa DOT, so they're mostly pictures of roads, with a few pictures of railroads.

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008
9:11 am
Free Mama/Kitten in a month or so..
Hey all, I have found a black kitty and her baby. The baby is only a couple weeks old now so if you want her it'll be about a month before hand. I'd prefer mom/baby go together. Both are incredibly sweet and loving. Both need spayed and shots. If you're interested, email me at abbylee1@mchsi.com.


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Monday, June 9th, 2008
11:05 am
port byron
i'd like to move to the port byron area....really anything within the riverdale school district. i want 2 bedrooms and im hoping for washer/dryer hookups.

anyone know of anything?
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Friday, April 25th, 2008
12:46 pm
I have a Whirlpool Imperial Series Washer and Electric Dryer set that I can't use (we have gas hookups).

I am looking for a trade for a good gas dryer or $300 for the pair. I will entertain any other offers on price. I don't have a truck, but will help load them if you come pick them up. I'm in East Davenport.

Reply here or email me at fourtunefame@gmail.com

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Monday, April 7th, 2008
12:23 pm
Cakes By Michaelyn: The Secret is Out
The Daily Iowan did an article in today's paper. www.dailyiowan.com titled "Miller Really Takes the Cake" by Brian Stewart. For anyone interested in the full details (written for someone who has never made a cake before) of the Rainbow Cake recipe, please send me an email at bubbasohiowa@gmail.com. If you put "rainbow cake" in the subject line I will happily email you the recipe.

I am Michaelyn's daughter. I am also collecting any feedback or memories anyone wishes to share for a book I'm putting together for my mother. If you would like to contribute please email me.

We are working with other papers and school newsletters to get this recipe released. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Also, please spread the word.

Thank you
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
6:44 pm
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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
11:14 am
Interest in a V:tM LARP?
Hi guys!

I am a new-ish resident to the QCA, and I want to meet some people whom I do not work with! One idea that I have been bouncing around is to organize a Vampire: the Masquerade live action role playing game that would take place here in Davenport.

Wha? What is this crazy lady talking about?Collapse )

There is much more too it, but I don't want to get into too much detail in this introcuctory post. I just want to see if there is anyone interested in persuing this idea. It's a great way to meet new people, have some fun and be apart of something different and entertaining.

Just testing the waters if you will...

Current Mood: curious
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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
10:40 am
What kinds of interesting things are there to do for fun in the Geneseo or anywhere probably within a half an hour or so?
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Friday, July 20th, 2007
5:27 pm
Moving to Iowa City
Hi everyone. Hopefully, in about six weeks, I'll be moving to Iowa City. I was wondering if anyone--living in that area--might be able to suggest a good apartment complex? Or warn me against bad ones? I'm pretty much going to be signing a lease for an apartment in Iowa City while still living in Phoenix, so I'm flying blind. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anything in that area I should definitely check out (socially speaking)? Thanks in advance.
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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
11:36 pm
Give me your opinions on Y Not/YNOT Ink at Northpark. Anyone been to them for tattoos? Are they doing piercing as well?

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6:55 pm
Harry Potter Book 7 Release Party!
Hey everyone out there in QC-land! All the Kmart stores in the Quads are having Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release parties this Friday night! This includes the Moline, Rock Island, and both Davenport stores. However, the best by far is going to be at the Kmart on Brady Street in Davenport. You see, I work there, and I'm in charge of refreshments. So come and enjoy Butterbeer, Cockroach Clusters, Ice Mice, pumpkin juice, jelly slugs, and chocolate cauldrons (with polyjuice potion). Costumes are encouraged.

The party starts at 10 pm, with tickets being handed out for book purchases. You must have a ticket to buy a book - no ticket, no book. There will be a drawing for a Kmart Gift Card at 11:30, and the book goes on sale at midnight. Stores are open until 1 am.

Be there!

Current Mood: excited
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Saturday, June 16th, 2007
12:36 pm
They don't need to move the Casino.
Hi people, Davenport resident just joined :-)

Why they want to move the River City Casino from the *river* to the convention center at the RiverCenter is beyond me.

First, we'd have to find a NEW convention center. Which means we'd have to move Festival of Trees, graduations, EVERYTHING. It wouldn't even be the RiverCenter anymore, it'd be that crappy little building down by Pershing. And I want to have my high school graduation there!

As if the casino wasn't already gobbling up our precious riverfront, they decide that it was all for nothing because they want to move it to the convention center, and take up even more space to build another hotel and a parking lot! And they want to convert the Blackhawk Hotel into condominiums and a "boutique hotel", whatever that is.

All they're doing is taking advantage of the skywalk, and the fact that there's a large space there. Not many people out here are looking forward to this plan, but it's not like our opinions ever mattered much. If we Winborn, Malin, and their minions want it, it's pretty much what they get.


Sorry for a somewhat angry first post. I'll try to be better later on. But this is annoying.

Someone should go find them and give them a good knock around the head.

Current Mood: Grrr. Die.
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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
9:28 pm
doggie pens/exercise crates
I am getting a new dachshund in a few weeks, and I am looking for just a small exercise pen for the puppy until it gets a little bit bigger. Anyone know of anyone selling one, or any place that sells them at a fairly low price? Not looking for anything big or fancy. just something til he gets a bit bigger. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Thursday, March 8th, 2007
12:51 pm
Hey all,
I'm looking for a new general practice doctor in the Quad Cities, Davenport if possible. Female preferrably but most of all I want to go to someone who is highly recommended.

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
7:33 pm

I am a local photographer who is looking for models. You must provide your own clothing, hair, and makeup. You will NOT be paid for modeling, but I will provide copies of the photos for your personal use. If you feel comfortable, I would also like to do some lingerie and/or swimsuit shots, as well as pin-up style poses. Any nudity/semi-nude shots will require copy of identification and a signed waiver.

Male, Female, Tattooed, Pierced, Pregnant and Plus-Size models welcome.

Photos are shot in front of a green-screen, and digitally enhanced with backgrounds and props. Studio is located in Davenport near St. Ambrose. Please contact me via e-mail for more information and to schedule a time.

Thank you!!

fourtunefame at gmail dot com

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Saturday, December 9th, 2006
10:54 am
xbox for sale
I'm looking to sell my xbox. I bought it last Janurary. It's rarely been used. I hardly have had time to use it, so it is in great condition. So here's what I am looking at for price:

xbox with 2 controllers: $125 O.B.O.

I will throw in some games too for an extra $50. I'm not sure what the games all are offhand, but there will be at least five. (Right now I am at school, so I can't look to tell you).

If you are interested, then please reply. I will probably be able to tell you what games later on if you are interested.

Any questions?
email me @ ecpalegreenstarsec@hotmail.com
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