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They don't need to move the Casino.

Hi people, Davenport resident just joined :-)

Why they want to move the River City Casino from the *river* to the convention center at the RiverCenter is beyond me.

First, we'd have to find a NEW convention center. Which means we'd have to move Festival of Trees, graduations, EVERYTHING. It wouldn't even be the RiverCenter anymore, it'd be that crappy little building down by Pershing. And I want to have my high school graduation there!

As if the casino wasn't already gobbling up our precious riverfront, they decide that it was all for nothing because they want to move it to the convention center, and take up even more space to build another hotel and a parking lot! And they want to convert the Blackhawk Hotel into condominiums and a "boutique hotel", whatever that is.

All they're doing is taking advantage of the skywalk, and the fact that there's a large space there. Not many people out here are looking forward to this plan, but it's not like our opinions ever mattered much. If we Winborn, Malin, and their minions want it, it's pretty much what they get.


Sorry for a somewhat angry first post. I'll try to be better later on. But this is annoying.

Someone should go find them and give them a good knock around the head.
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