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Harry Potter Book 7 Release Party!

Hey everyone out there in QC-land! All the Kmart stores in the Quads are having Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release parties this Friday night! This includes the Moline, Rock Island, and both Davenport stores. However, the best by far is going to be at the Kmart on Brady Street in Davenport. You see, I work there, and I'm in charge of refreshments. So come and enjoy Butterbeer, Cockroach Clusters, Ice Mice, pumpkin juice, jelly slugs, and chocolate cauldrons (with polyjuice potion). Costumes are encouraged.

The party starts at 10 pm, with tickets being handed out for book purchases. You must have a ticket to buy a book - no ticket, no book. There will be a drawing for a Kmart Gift Card at 11:30, and the book goes on sale at midnight. Stores are open until 1 am.

Be there!
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