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Hello Quad Cities!

This is a community created for no specific reason, just to serve as common ground for fellow Quad City LJers! If we just follow a few ground rules, everything should run smoothly..

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. People may have different opinions, backgrounds, etc. Even if you don't agree, quadcities will not be your battleground. LJ drama of any kind will result in removal from the community, of any and all parties involved.

2. LJ ICONS!! Many of us check our LJs at school or at work. As I would be the first to disagree with censorship- I still believe that this community shouldn't contain such material. Said material shall be broken down as:
-anything sexual, nudity
-bad language
-anything containing blood, bondage, etc.

Have fun! That's what the community was made for. Any user looking to be a community moderator please comment to express interest.